Beach Club Clubhouse:
Ft. Morgan, AL

Performed a finite element design analysis for a 2 story concrete framed beachfront clubhouse to pinpoint design deficiency locations. Provided carbon fiber solution to strengthen slabs at columns and midspan.


Duke Duked Field Building 3055
Eglin AFB, FL

Retrofitted an existing barracks building with both carbon and glass FRB systems in order to meet current federal progressive collapse mitigation criteria.


Watergate Towers:   IMG_20141118_145833512 Washington, DC

Detensioned, re-positioned and re-stressed existing post-tensioning tendons for new stair openings and balcony repairs.


University of Northern Iowa Stadium Dome Replacement:
Cedar Falls, IA

Replaced all the existing dome tendons with new material due to corrosion.



IMG_20141118_141922506Butler Street PG:
Atlanta, GA

Repaired or replaced all corroded post-tensioning tendons. Wrapped concrete columns with carbon fiber to restore capacity. Cleaned corroded reinforcing steel at concrete spalls. Patched slab concrete mortar materials and epoxy coating.


Health Complex Parking Garage:
Charleston, SC

Added 14 new openings for stair and elevators requiring concrete removal, de-tensioning of existing tendons, external post-tensioning, carbon fiber strengthening and steel plates and columns.


Galleria South Parking Garage:

Houston, TX

Created opening in slab for new stair addition.


GLG Center:
Atlanta, GA

Owner purchased three floors of high rise for his person residence. Involved cutting through existing slabs, de-tensioning tendons, forming and pouring 2 new central stair openings. Added hanging elevator pit for new 3 level elevator. Cut 3 openings for new doorway through 18 inch shear walls.


LeBoeuf, Lamb Leiby & McCrae:
Washington, DC

Added external post-tensioning to existing conventional rebar slab to increase slab capacity for new law library. Added additional mild steel reinforcing at the column.


IMG_20141118_135605580 Miami International Airport PG: 

Miami, FL

Bonded post-tensioned beam tendons that were incorrectly placed during construction. Added external bonded post-tensioning to each side of beams with shotcrete and concrete repair to restore design capacity.


Planet Hollywood:
Coconut Grove, FL

De-tensioned slab for major renovations and added external post-tensioning in both directions to increase slab capacity.